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About Us

SDF stands for Shyamal Das Foundation this charitable organisation is dedicated to my late uncle Sri. Shyamal Das . Shyamal Das was an educated boy passed from St.Pauls school of Kolkatta , born and brought up in a very lavish way but his teenage was spoiled up when he mixed up with wrong people and got addicted to drugs thats where he lost control of his life and he got derailed from his family but his love for her wife and daughter was always their but the love was possessive and dangerous but somewhere in his deep inside he has a loving heart which always craved for pure love and caring may be that what he was missing in his life and died very badly with lots of depression, sadness , trauma and over drug abuse. its said money cant always get you happiness its the care , love and understanding that was lacked in his life . and I being his nephew used to see all this and was helpless because i was a child at that time and the tragic part was that i couldn’t reach at his funeral and he was gone in ashes . one thing always was in my mind that one day i would start my charitable organisation for the needy people who are homeless . i used to have a piggy bank and used to keep coins . when i used to go for vacation i used to donate to the beggars in train and bus stops whatever i had saved. the feeling was great to see the smile in them and that what matters .. this is the beginning of SDF journey and will go on .

Inspiration came from many people but specially from my uncle when he was in sad state of mind he gifted me a pencil and a notebook as a gift by saying that this much i can give you as i dont earn that what struck me . one should have a big heart not a big money to give someone . we all have money but we all dont have a big heart. a little bit of effort , a small step forward , a willingness to give , a kind heart to understand the needy this all can bring some smile . and that smile will inspire us to do more for them .


SDF came into action when our state Odisha , India faced devastating cyclone Fani which ravaged many coastal parts of Odisha. Half of its trees have been uprooted, its lampposts twisted and shattered glass and torn aluminium sheets lie strewn everywhere. Come evening, many parts of the city sink into darkness with no electricity and water. There’s also no network. Making landfall on the morning of May 3, Cyclone Fani tore through Puri town, home of Lord Jagannath, with speeds reaching more than 200 kmph. The damage can be gauged from the fact that the city’s railway station will not be operational till May 10, according to the East Coast Railway. And what would be of greater anguish for many Odias are reports of damage to the 12th century Jagannath temple itself.The untimely tropical cyclone hit Khorda district and capital city Bhubaneswar with far greater intensity than anticipated. It snapped electricity poles, brought down massive cranes and trees, carried the fiberglass dome at AIIMS off with it as well as the railways station’s roof, damaged the Biju Patnaik International Airport .

The devastating damage to Puri, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Khurda has left millions homeless. With the breakdown of telecom services it has been just as stressful for people outside of Odisha to check in on their near and dear ones.Efforts to restore power supply to normalcy took more than months . In those time we started mega kitchen and started distribution free lunch and free groceries at slums where the houses are demolished and destroyed by the devastating cyclone. we been carrying foods for more than 5000 people to the remote villages and we also distributed foods at Puri where the cyclone did the landfall and ravaged the holy city . the task was tuf but it was possible with a strong will power .