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Covid Care – 2020

The begining of 2020 started with a dreadful virus called Covid 19 Corona virus which devastated the globe by its dreadful affects millions of people were affected by its virus and many livelihoods were destroyed . our state Odisha, India also affected largely by this virus. many businesshouses were shutdown , daily labourers have to stop work , passengers were stranded at many railway stations and bus stops , its chaos everywhere . the hope of survival was less but not over. still people pulled up their will to live and fight back this virus.

In 2020 we at SDF started free distribution of lunch at slums where the daily workers resides, because it was very essential for them to survive in the pandemic situation. We also distributed free lunch to the police personnel.

We have distributed food packets to 50,000 thousand people in different slums of Bhubaneswar. the effort was to make sure every needy person wont sleep empty stomach. we ensured the quality, hygeine and quantity.