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Covid Care – 2021

Free distribution of groceries to rescued sex workers

Year 2021 we all started with a new hope of survival but we had a wrong notion that we have won the battle with covid virus but no this dreadful virus returned with a massive casualties throughout India and every state was worst effected . the situation was almost out of control because death ratio gone higher day by day as its dooms day has came. but thankful to necessary actions by the government it started vaccines for all ages of people . that was the ray of hope for the mankind to live . in this situation we at SDF came up with an initiative called COVID CARE DRIVE ..

Free distribution of covid snacks box

Covid snacks box we distributed to the municipality cleaners those who bravely cleaned all our surroundings and maintained the cleanliness every day.

Free distribution of covid care kit

Covid care kit we distributed to auto drivers who carry the passengers day and night in this pandemic situation.

Free distribution of food trays at slums and homeless people

We planned many Covid care drives in which we tried to cover as much we can . we tried to distribute foods , milk and breads, lunch parcels, cakes, fruit juice.

Free distribution of milk and bread to elder people at slum areas.

free distribution of food packets at slum area of Bhubaneswar

Free distribution of cakes and fruit juice to children of slum area